International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation

AOA (Asia and Oceania Association) Regional Committee

The Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) was established to promote mutual friendship and exchange of information among ICMIF members in the Asia and Oceania region in 1984.  Their annual conference provides networking opportunities on a regional basis.

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  • Chair: Tamotsu Shozui, President of the Board of Directors, Zenkyoren (Japan)
  • ViceChair: May S Dawat, General Manager, CARD MBA (The Philippines)
  • ViceChair: Dr P A Kiriwandeniya, Chairman, Sanasa Insurance Company Ltd (Sri Lanka)
  • Director: Chris Black, Chief Executive, FMG (New Zealand)
  • Secretary: Takuya Omatsu, Manager, International Affairs Division, Zenkyoren (Japan)