International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation

Tarbuck, Shaun

Job title: Chief Executive, ICMIF; President of Allnations; Member of ICMIF Executive Committee and ICMIF/Americas Board

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Reporting to the ICMIF Board and Executive Committee; managing, developing and delivering ICMIF’s strategy with particular emphasis on developed nations.

Ashurst, Mike

Job title: Vice-President, Reinsurance & Professional Development

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: ICMIF’s reinsurance activities; coordinating the Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (MORO) and the Leadership Development Forum; responsible for all of ICMIF’s learning and development products, including the ICMIF Advanced Management Course.

Davison, Naomi

Job title: Communications Assistant, Emerging Markets

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Communications and member engagement for emerging markets; ICMIF microinsurance and Takaful websites; social media; publications

Dentith, Sarah

Job title: Manager, HR and Operations

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: HR, finance, database coordinator and general operational areas.

Easton, Nick

Job title: Designer

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Graphic design of all ICMIF literature.

Grant, Alison

Job title: Communications Manager

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Areas of responsibility: Areas of responsibility: ICMIF website content; news stories; blogs; Voice magazine; translations coordinator; copy proofing; Twitter; Supporting Member liaison.

Green, Liz

Job title: Senior Vice-President, Membership services

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Overseeing ICMIF’s external relations strategy; coordinating ICMIF’s Communications Leaders Forum; and public relations. Member of the Senior Management Team.

Guais, Marine

Job title: Manager, Microinsurance

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish

Areas of responsibility: Allnations, microinsurance, training

Hautenne, Yvonne

Job title: Senior Vice-President, Events

Languages spoken: English, French

Areas of responsibility: Events/networking and member of ICMIF’s Senior Management Team

Hock, Catherine

Job title: Vice-President, International Relations

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, German

Areas of responsibility: Public affairs, member recruitment.

Hyman, Richard

Job title: Assistant Manager, Technology

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Information technology, website management, event AV.

Jordan-Killoran, Vicky

Job title: Executive Assistant to CEO

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Areas of responsibility: Diary and travel management for CEO; secretarial assistance to CEO; member recruitment support; CEO member engagement

Lageu, Faye

Job title: Senior Vice-President, Business Intelligence

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian

Areas of responsibility: Market research; publications and communications; ICMIF’s Intelligence Committee coordinator; Sustainability and Resilience Leaders’ Forum; and the ICMIF claims seminar. Member of ICMIF Senior Management Team

Leicester, Steve

Job title: Vice-President, Finance

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: ICMIF accounts.

Nedoszytko, Ree

Job title: Office Manager

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Areas of responsibility: Office management, reception, general administration.

Patel, Sabbir

Job title: Senior Vice-President, Emerging Markets and Managing Director of Allnations

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Allnations, microinsurance, Takaful and member of ICMIF’s Senior Management Team

Platero, Esther

Job title: Manager, Events

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Areas of responsibility: Events management

Potter, Edward (Ed)

Job title: Executive Director, ICMIF/Americas

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Areas of responsibility: Americas region membership relations and development; regulatory monitoring and representation; ICMIF/Americas Annual Conference; governance.

Smith, Vanessa

Job title: Vice-President, Operations

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Italian

Areas of responsibility: Finance, IT, HR, office management and member relations. Member of ICMIF’s Senior Management Team.

Telfer, Ben

Job title: Vice-president, Business Intelligence

Languages spoken: English

Areas of responsibility: Market intelligence and financial research reports on the global mutual and cooperative insurance sector; project manager and author of the Global Mutual Market Share and Global 500 reports, the regional Market InSights reports/infographics, and Key Statistics reports on members' annual financial performance.