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During the recent Biennial Conference the ICMIF General Assembly voted in a new Board of Directors for the next four years until 2015. The General Assembly also voted to increase the maximum number of Board members from 18 to 24… [READ MORE]


“Enhance the value that can be generated from sustainability”

June 27, 2011: Voice 71


“Investing in the leaders of the future”


An innovative new car insurance scheme for young drivers has been launched by Co-operative Insurance; part of the UK-based Co-operative Financial Services. This innovative policy through the use of innovative new technology utilising ‘Smartbox’ and satellite technology tracks how, and… [READ MORE]


The Cooperative Group has announced its ethical screening plans for the next three years in which it plans to now screen all of its insurance investments. These investments that underpin its key insurance products amount to around £1 billion and… [READ MORE]

September 28, 2010: Voice 69


“Learning cooperation down under”

ICMIF Member CSR & Sustainability Reports

“CSR reporting provides the link between making promises and keeping them”