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Thursday, 01 March 2012

I’m just back from an exhilarating, if short, trip to Australia. The main purpose of the trip was to run a strategy day for the board and senior management of Unimutual. They wanted to learn about mutual strategies adopted by other ICMIF members with a view to further improving their unique business.

Unimutual provides commercial insurance cover for 23 Australian universities. The risks covered are vast, varied and complicated and whilst there are only 23 members, the challenge to embed mutual strategies and member engagement is not easy as university personnel constantly change and competition for their business is intense.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

As you would expect, as I travel around around the globe, I do a lot of reflecting about our collective impact.

Insurers are in the business of giving customers peace of mind. So during these particularly difficult times of economic uncertainty, political unrest and catastrophic natural and manmade events how can our values-based movement play a more significant role?

Earlier this month, leading economist and author, Noreena Hertz spoke at the Ethical Plan re-launch for The Cooperative Group about a growing global rejection for what she calls ‘Gucci Capitalism’ ie the phenomenon where the poor go into devastating debt to...

Friday, 10 February 2012

The short answer is YES it really does and the numbers prove it.

Next week I am running a strategy session for one of our Australian members. Their goal is to embed mutual values in all areas of their business. We will be discussing how to market our values to stakeholders in the mutual sector and how to help our member owners derive maximum value from our unique business model. We’ll discuss everything from strategic direction on branding and communications to corporate social responsibility.

This strategic discussion around mutuality has been gathering pace among many ICMIF members in the last few years. Indeed many of the...

Wednesday, 01 February 2012

So after all the hype following British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s 'Popular Capitalism' speech, has a new era for modern capitalism finally arrived in Westminster? Not quite.

After the new Cooperative Bill was announced, Cameron was quizzed about what he intended to do about the ongoing issue regarding excessive executive pay for average performance. We were told to expect an announcement from Business Secretary, Vince Cable.

On Monday last week Vince took the stage, a day earlier than expected, to reveal what was being touted as the biggest shake-up in corporate pay in a decade. Hurrah, thought I! However, one of the...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Last Thursday I had the great privilege of being amongst a select group of cooperative leaders, including the ICA’s Dame Pauline Green, who witnessed UK Prime Minister, David Cameron admit to the failures of the capitalist model and announce long awaited reform of cooperative legislation.

Branding his vision ‘popular capitalism’ he briefed us, along with the UK media, in the rather understated ‘Westminster Hub,’ a mutual-owned venue favoured by the entrepreneurial crowd. He was keen to tackle the recent failures of capitalism, citing ‘more enterprise, more competition and more innovation’ as the way forward and emphasising that...

Friday, 12 August 2011

In July of this year Syed Moheeb, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Ikhlas, one of ICMIF’s Malaysian members, was awarded Global Leadership Award 2011 from The Leaders Magazine (TLM) supported by The American Leadership Association (ALDA).

An interview with Syed Moheeb was featured in ICMIF’s Voice publication earlier this year (Voice 70) and Syed is also a member of the ICMIF Board. Syed has been in the insurance and Takaful industry for 36 years and has led a number of local and multi-national direct insurance as well as re-insurance companies. Syed’s comments on the award were:

“Personally, this award...