Communications strategy

Managing the sector’s reputation has never been more crucial. ICMIF’s first of its kind Global Reputation Report was published in 2013 and provided evidence of the sector’s reputational qualities and strengths across many different aspects, as well as its limitations and opportunities for growth.

The evidence was used to identify ICMIF’s key reputation priorities which included raising the visibility of the sector, having a louder voice in the global conversation, strengthening the sector’s association with strong financial performance, creating more references to cooperative and mutual values by external audiences, and increasing positive sentiment towards the sector.

Following an extensive communications strategy, in 2015, follow-up research was undertaken to measure progress against those key reputation objectives. This report details that progress.

Key findings include:

  • An 11% increase in the global visibility of the sector since 2013
  • A 93% increase in the sector’s share of voice within high profile content and conversation
  • A 184% increase in the sector profile that references cooperative and mutual values 
  • 4 out of 5 references to cooperative/mutual values come from external content. 
  • A 60% increase in net positive sentiment towards the sector
  • 78% increase in the sector’s alignment with key global issues in insurance

ICMIF’s communications strategy: Keeping members and influencers informed…

  • Overview (quarterly updates) – Digital newsletters focused on action taken by ICMIF and its members to deliver the Federation’s business strategy
  • Monthly news (new for Q3 2016) – Digital newsletters outlining the news stories, new reports and events available to ICMIF members 
  • Blogs – personalized digital comment about key issues from members, ICMIF secretariat and specially invited guests. Published once or twice a month
  • Media – ICMIF issues regular press releases to global insurance media titles and offers comment on relevant issues. ICMIF is now a regular contributor to Insurance Day, an online, subscription-only insurance journal with 18000 monthly visitors
  • Twitter – The ICMIF account has over 1600 followers and shares news and comment on current events and issues
  • LinkedIn – with over 4000 connections ICMIF and its staff use this business platform to share stories and stay connected

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