Advanced Management Course

Enhancing performance in a complex world

The CEOs of ICMIF member companies tell us that one of their current top priorities is increasing the levels of organisational agility within their company and therefore the organisation’s ability to thrive in a complex world. They increasingly need networks of teams which can work together, applying their diverse skills to evolving challenges, and for leaders who can inspire their colleagues to drive the organisation to fulfil its aims and potential. As a recent report by McKinsey identifies, the key to making this successful transformation is for leaders to develop substantially new mind-sets and capabilities.

ICMIF’s 2019 Advanced Management Course will equip participants with new mindsets, behaviours and tools to enable them to transform complex challenges into situations that they can work through logically as part of a team, drawing on insights from behavioural science.

Indeed, for 20 years managers from mutual/cooperative insurers from over 50 countries have praised ICMIF’s Advanced Management Course, for helping them to enhance their & their organisation’s performance.

ICMIF Advanced Management Course

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at experienced managers and executives from mutual or cooperative insurers who lead teams which are required to tackle complex situations, formulating strategies to achieve their organisation’s goals, and leading programmes that translate strategy into action.

Participants of the Advanced Management Course include a mix of technical insurance and non-technical people, reflecting the typical make-up of a mutual/cooperative insurer.

Participants must be comfortable holding strategic conversations in English.

Benefits of the course

Alumni of the Advanced Management Course report improved outcomes following their attendance on the course. Participants emerge with new approaches to help them maximise their impact in a complex world. In particular, they will learn how to overcome three critical challenges when tackling complex problems:

  1. People are not rational.
  2. Expertise is important, but no longer sufficient.
  3. Most of people’s behaviour is automatic.

Prior participants describe improved personal performance after the course when leading and managing in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity by them applying the AMC’s mental models, conceptual frameworks and simple tools for:

  • Strategic thinking.
  • How to identify and approach complex situations.
  • Human behaviour and behavioural change, including:
    • Individual and group judgement.
    • Effective collaboration.
    • Decision making.
    • Organisational culture and comparing how it differs across companies and between nations.
    • Behavioural change.

Alumni of the Advanced Management Course report improved outcomes following their attendance on the course. Many describe it as “the fog clearing” as the models, frameworks and tools they have acquired during the course are put into use once they have returned to the workplace. What may have previously seemed like unrelated areas of leadership and management become a simple, integrated, mutually reinforcing approach to finding solutions to their challenges. In this way, prior participants have said they arrive with expertise and leave with wisdom.

For more information on the Advanced Management Course in general and details of the next course which takes place 12-17 May 2019, Manchester (UK) please click here.