Joint ICMIF/AMICE Regulatory Affairs conference

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hosted by Covéa
Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Revisiting insurance regulation and supervision: Is there an optimal model? The stakeholders' views

Discussions addressed the differences in insurance regulation and supervision which still exist in spite of the G20 mandate that the IAIS should propose global prudential and financial conduct requirements. Topics also included the importance of maintaining a diverse global insurance sector and the need for an alleviation of regulatory requirements; an evaluation of the prudential regime Solvency II in Europe and beyond; IFRS 17 (accounting principle for insurance contracts); emerging risks and ‘new’, undocumented risks, such as the care dependency risk. There will also be feedback from the G20 insurance meetings.

The event was conducted in English with French interpretation depending on demand.

Conference location on 4 December, 2018

09.00-17.00: Covéa offices Espace Diderot, 19 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris Please note that delegates are required to make their own hotel reservation. 

For more information please contact Catherine Hock.

Image used courtesy of Poly.