ICMIF European Strategy Forum

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Association des Assureurs Mutualistes (AAM)
Wednesday, 22 May 2019


As our risk landscape becomes more complex and evolves more rapidly, mutual insurers have significant opportunities to make short-term and long-term transformations. In the short-term, new partnerships and innovative approaches can be developed to help mutuals prepare for longer-term shifts in traditional risks and the emergence of new risks. Technologies play a key role in helping us to understand and manage those risks; while mutuals transform their business models for the future risk landscape and changing customer expectations, relationships of trust will remain an important competitive differentiator for mutuals. Against this background, the European Strategy Forum will feature ICMIF member strategic case studies about:

  • Market positioning mutuality for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Digital solutions for enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency
  • New technologies that reinforce the role of the mutual as a provider of security and safety, not just an underwriter of insurance
  • Maintaining trust while changing distribution models
  • Fostering innovation and increasing organisational agility
  • Extending the boundaries for creating value through digital ecosystems

For more information please contact Ben Telfer