Jeudi, 07 juin 2018

“There is no planet B” was a widely used slogan in the run up to the COP 21 United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015. The slogan was aimed at focusing the minds of those in governments around the world on their ever-stretched public purses and budgets and on the need to act on climate change and its potential consequences. At the Conference almost 200 countries agreed to cut carbon emissions to ‘well below’ 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels and to pursue efforts to keep them to 1.5 degrees to prevent dangerous climate change.

Scientists agree unequivocally that the world is warming. This creates...

Jeudi, 10 Mai 2018

As technology continues to transform virtually all aspects of the insurance industry, the potential impact is of especial interest for mutual insurers, insurance cooperatives and other member-owned insurance companies around the world. Like all insurance companies, the fundamental change that technology is having on the insurance value chain is disrupting the existing operating models of mutuals/cooperatives, and leading to a need to innovate, adapt and update their organisational capabilities.

Today, the majority of mutual and cooperatives, like stock companies, are looking to invest internally in new technology, such as advanced...

Mercredi, 02 Mai 2018

Each year Responsible Business Week helps celebrate UK businesses which actively make a positive impact on society. In this blog, NFU Mutual’s Chief Executive Lindsay Sinclair describes what being a responsible business means to him, to the business and to NFU Mutual's communities.

I am always so pleased when I meet new people and they ask me what I do for a living.

I can't wait to tell them I work for NFU Mutual as I almost always get a smile and a nod of approval. The conversation tends to turn to our customer service reputation, the sharing of profits with members and active involvement with farming communities.


Mardi, 24 avril 2018

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have long been considered a natural fit to the organisational values of insurance companies that have a cooperative, mutual and other member-owned business model, and which are part of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) membership. Increasingly, they are realising that diversity is not just the right thing to do from a social perspective, it can also be a powerful competitive differentiator, helping them to better serve their customers, make better decisions and augment their talent programmes.

Jens Henriksson, CEO of ICMIF member company Folksam in Sweden...

Mardi, 24 avril 2018

The idea for this blog emerged during one of the many phone conversations I have with Thierry Weishaupt, Director of China Operations, at ICMIF member Groupe VYV (France). Sometimes the line is crystal clear in spite of the 10,408,58 km that separate his Beijing office from mine in Brussels and sometimes it is somewhat broken when I’m travelling in a mountainous terrain. But the topic of our calls never varies. It’s always about mutuality, its raison d’être, its roots, and its inevitable transformation. 

So the other day, Thierry called and we started discussing the prospect of a ‘four hands’  blog which would draw...

lundi, 05 March 2018

Next month will see approximately one hundred reinsurance professionals from all around the world arrive in Montreal, Canada, for the ICMIF Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (also known as the MORO) which takes place 23-25 April 2018. The reinsurance-focused agenda is full of topics of interest and benefit to mutual/cooperative insurers and reinsurers. The main attraction of the event according to our delegates though is the opportunity to meet, build relationships with and ultimately conduct reinsurance business with peers from around the world.

Throughout the MORO, delegates have the opportunity to get to know each other better...

lundi, 29 January 2018

La conferencia global de reaseguros de larga data de la ICMIF, la Reunión de Oficiales de Reaseguros (MORO), tendrá lugar en abril de este año en la hermosa ciudad canadiense de Montreal.

La MORO de este año es el 24° evento de este tipo que la ICMIF ha organizado y a los delegados regulares no será necesario recordarles el valor que tiene participar en el programa de la conferencia. Greg Lockard, director de Operaciones de Reaseguro del miembro de la ICMIF Shelter (EE.UU.), también anima a aquellos que no hayan estado en la MORO antes a pensar seriamente en reservar su lugar este año.

“Mi empresa ha sido partidaria y mis...

vendredi, 19 January 2018

ICMIF’s long-established global reinsurance conference, the Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (MORO), will take place in April this year in the beautiful Canadian city of Montreal.

This year’s MORO is the 24th such event ICMIF has staged, and regular attendees will not need to be reminded of the value which comes from participating in the conference programme. Greg Lockard, Director of Reinsurance Operations with ICMIF member Shelter (US), also urges those who have not previously been to the MORO to think seriously this year about booking their place.

“My company has been a long-time supporter and attendee of the MORO and I...

Mardi, 12 December 2017

Last month I had the great fortune to travel to Singapore as this was the location for the latest ICMIF Advanced Management Course (also known as the AMC). This was the twentieth time that ICMIF has run the Advanced Management Course and the second time that we were able to hold the course in the stunning location of Singapore thanks to the fabulous generosity of our hosts, ICMIF member NTUC Income.

In brief, the ICMIF Advanced Management Course was developed specifically for ICMIF members, all of whom are member-owned insurers, who want their team leaders and managers to benefit from specialised professional development with a...

lundi, 18 September 2017

When I was invited to speak at the ICMIF Biennial Conference, and heard the theme was “redesigning insurance”, my immediate thought was that this may actually be a never-ending task.

It seems that with digital disruption in full swing, all industries are faced with the problem of changing the way they do business in real time, while keeping the original business running and servicing existing customers.

One of the best examples of this is the decision by the UK to leave the EU or “Brexit” as it has become known globally. Think about your own business. If you were told that you had to completely divest one of your largest...