High Potential Course 2018 event

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Détails de l'événement
P&V Assurances
Mardi, 6 March 2018 jusqu'au Jeudi, 8 March 2018

Do you want to develop your organization’s emerging talent, while reinforcing your mutual/cooperative values? 

As an ICMIF member you have exclusive access to highly-beneficial courses that have been created by leading industry experts to meet the learning and development needs of the modern mutual insurer.

Preparing your most valuable employees for the increasingly complex challenges that lie ahead in their careers is critical to the future success of your organization. The ICMIF High Potential Course equips high potential employees, technical specialists and those deemed to be future leaders within an organization with a range of tools to help them make sound judgements as their jobs become increasingly complex. Using real life examples, this two and a half day course gives participants insights into how the mutual business model can drive competitive advantage.

Featuring the acclaimed AGILE insurance simulation, this course will provide your employees with a highly interactive and challenging learning experience that will help them to apply their potential and think differently. As well as gaining a more complete understanding of how mutual insurers operate and compete, participants will develop alternate points of view by working with their peers from other mutual insurers from around the world. Crucially, they will be given the time to extract the learning from this experience that will help them to make sounds judgements in the face of increasing complexity back in the workplace.

Those organizations that wish to futureproof themselves for the challenges that lie ahead are invited to nominate employees to attend ICMIF’s High Potential Course in Brussels, 6-8 March 2018, hosted by P&V Assurances.

Who should attend?

This course is for high potential employees and future leaders, including employees on existing high potential programmes, graduate entrants, technical leaders and managers whose jobs are becoming increasingly complex. It is also an opportunity for those that want to broaden their understanding of how mutual insurers operate and compete. 

What does the course include?

  • The opportunity to discuss key challenges and opportunities facing mutual insurers, drawing on real life examples from around the world 
  • A holistic view of running a mutual insurance business with the AGILE insurance simulation
  • A simple but powerful model that describes how, unprompted, people make decisions and judgements
  • Easy-to-use tools for improving individual judgement
  • Time to reflect and prepare to apply the learning in the workplace

The HPC provides the opportunity to work with peers from other mutual organizations from around the globe. Participants must therefore be comfortable holding conversations in English.

People that attend the High Potential Course will: 

  • Acquire tools to help transform their own behaviours
  • Gain a more complete understanding of how mutual insurers operate and compete
  • Unlock their potential to be able to make sound judgements as their jobs become increasingly complex
  • Develop alternate points of view by working with people from other mutual insurers
  • Build a lasting network of peers from other mutual insurers

Please contact Mike Ashurst to discuss the High Potential Course.