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Mardi, 12 February 2019

Pricing in the global reinsurance sector remains disappointing following the 1 January 2019 renewals, according to a new report from ICMIF Supporting Member AM Best, as expected rate increases following heavy catastrophe losses in 2017-2018 did not come to fruition. The Best’s Market Segment Report, entitled, “Reinsurance: Will Investor Losses Lead to a Rising Tide for Pricing?,” states that expectations were that reinsurers would react swiftly and adjust their pricing following the heavy catastrophe loss years in an effort to reverse the segment’s depressed performance. However, renewal rates were mostly flat, with the most significant...

vendredi, 08 February 2019

The results of a recent survey by the Centre for Public Opinion Studies in Argentina on the way insurers manage and pay customers’ claims show that four ICMIF member organisations feature in the top ten best-performing companies in 2018. The survey was carried out on behalf of NBS Banks and Insurance news website.

The four ICMIF member organisations which feature in the top ten are (in alphabetical order): Río Uruguay Seguros; San Cristóbal Seguros; Sancor Seguros; and Seguros Rivadavia.

The survey questions focused on the time taken to pay claims and the way in which the claims were managed. It was carried out by...

vendredi, 08 February 2019

The theme of the International Day of Cooperatives 2019 (CoopsDay) has been announced this week by the International Cooperative Alliance and this year’s theme is COOPS 4 DECENT WORK. The ICA says that this theme focuses on the message that cooperatives are people-centred enterprises characterized by democratic control and which prioritise human development and social justice within the workplace. “Cooperatives help to preserve employment and promote decent work in all sectors of the economy. Through participation, members have a motivation to change their lives, their communities and the world,” Ariel Guarco, President of the ICA, said...

Jeudi, 07 February 2019

The International Cooperative and Mutual insurance Federation (ICMIF) has announced four upcoming webinars. These webinars are organised exclusively for the benefit of ICMIF members and they will examine the current strategic issues and latest trends impacting the cooperative/mutual insurance sector. They bring thought leadership and showcase best practice from a number of ICMIF member organisations and also prominent industry experts.


The Digital Mutual

Episode 1, Seguros Unimed (Brazil) Date: 21 February 2019, 15.00 GMT

In this series of bi-monthly webinars entitled “The Digital Mutual”,...

vendredi, 01 February 2019

The CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy (CIFL), a subsidiary of ICMIF member CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, is partnering with the Co-operative College (based in Manchester, UK) to bring the College’s certificated Executive Education Programme to the Philippines for the first time ever. The course will take place on 21-23 February 2019 in Manila.

The course will be delivered by experts from the Co-operative College, a pioneer in the world of cooperative education, and will be a three day, immersive programme which will equip participants with new skills and knowledge which will help them lead and manage others...

vendredi, 01 February 2019

The ICMIF Biennial Conference is a unique gathering of mutual and cooperative insurance leaders from around the world which takes place every two years. The 2019 Conference will address the priority issues for as stated by the CEOs of ICMIF member organisations and the future trends that will determine their business success.

A dedicated Biennial Conference website has been launched this week and registration is now open for the event.  The Conference takes place 12-15 November 2019 in Auckland (New Zealand) at the Cordis, Auckland Hotel. The host for the event is ICMIF member FMG, New Zealand’s leading rural insurer.

vendredi, 18 January 2019

Over the last few years in Canada, extreme weather and flooding have become more frequent, more severe and so has the cost to homeowners. It’s a trend that is expected to continue.

Prior to 2015, Canadian homeowners were unable to buy insurance to protect their home and belongings from overland flooding. There was a clear and immediate need for proper insurance coverage for all Canadians, even those most at risk. This led to ICMIF member The Co-operators launching a new product known as Comprehensive Water in the Alberta region of the country.

Availability of Comprehensive Water insurance cover has now been expanded across...

vendredi, 11 January 2019

ICMIF member Royal London (UK) has this week received the highest possible “Gold” accreditation for outstanding customer experience in the Investor in Customers (IIC) Awards. This is the third year in a row that Royal London has been awarded Gold accreditation.

According to Investor in Customers, Royal London has continually exceeded expectations in delivering great customer experience, with customers’ interest remaining at the heart of the business. The assessment also recognised that trust is a cornerstone of Royal London’s culture and that it goes hand in hand with their mutuality.

In-depth interviews within Royal London...

Jeudi, 10 January 2019

Peak Reinsurance Company Limited (“Peak Re”), a global reinsurer based in Hong Kong, recently published a new report on Mutuals and Cooperatives and Community based Organisations (MCCOs).

The report is entitled “Relevance of Mutual and Cooperative – Lessons learned from developed Europe and Asia” and it aims to highlight the importance of MCCOs to the insurance industry and how they play a key role in supplementing the social welfare system.

Key findings from the Peak Insights 2018 – “Relevance of Mutual and Cooperative: Lessons learnt from developed Europe and Asia” report include:

MCCOs account for more than 30% of...
Mercredi, 02 January 2019

Reinsurance placements at 1 January 2019 highlight a pricing gap between accounts with peak peril exposures or poor loss records and the rest, with many reinsurers placing emphasis on the quality of client counterparties, according to the latest 1st View renewals report from ICMIF member Willis Re.

The report notes a two-track trend as having been especially evident in property catastrophe renewals, where cedants with good loss records and a disciplined, early renewal process achieved risk-adjusted rate reductions, while loss impacted accounts and clients viewed as of lesser quality are seeing upward pricing across a number of...