A.M. BestTV at Rendez-Vous: Reinsurers race against whirlwind of changes

vendredi, 14 September 2018

In this A.M.BestTV episode from the 2018 Les Rendez-Vous de Septembre (Rendez-Vous) conference in Monte-Carlo (Monaco) reinsurers and related professionals gathered amid an evolving landscape and challenging market conditions. Click here to view the entire programme from ICMIF member A.M. Best.

Attendees said companies need to adapt or they will vanish, while pricing pressure, alternative capacity, market consolidation and capital management also are capturing industry attention.

“I think that the leading topic is going to be what is in store for pricing terms and conditions,” said Robert DeRose, Senior Director, A.M. Best. “People are very concerned about who their partner is today and whether their partner will be around for the long term. Therefore, mergers and acquisitions are on everyone's mind in terms of when they transact business, since they want to make sure that they are dealing with a partner that has the relevance and the longevity in the market to be a partner over the long term.”

“One theme is certainly going to be the convergence between alternative capacity and traditional reinsurance companies,” said Stefan Holzberger, Chief Rating Officer, A.M. Best. “We' have seen some pretty big mergers and acquisitions....…What we are seeing there is this partnership between alternative capital and traditional reinsurance providers: building scale, lowering the cost of capital and earning fee income from utilizing alternative capacity where they are not necessarily on the hook from a capitalization or risk-bearing standpoint.”

Other people that appear in this episode:

  • Nick Charteris-Black, Managing Director, Market Development, EMEA, A.M. Best;
  • Anthony Diodato, Managing Director, A.M. Best;
  • David Flandro, Global Head of Analytics, JLT Re;
  • Franz-Josef Hahn, Chief Executive Officer, Peak Re; and
  • Mark Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Argo Group.

For full A.M.BestTV video coverage of the Rendez-Vous conference, including exclusive executive interviews, visit http://www.ambest.tv/rvs18.