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Highlights in this edition includeFR:

Pascal is overseeing a root-and-branch cultural transformation at la MAIF to ensure that the insurer he has led for the past eight years is ready for the future. More precisely, he is pulling out all the stops to prepare for the transformation which the digital world will bring about, and indeed is already bringing about. Digitisation – what he calls in French ‘la rupture digitale’ – will affect us all, he says, and it potentially represents as big a change for society and for civilisation as the invention of the printing press. The insurance industry, he adds, will most definitely be affected.

Extract from: CEO Profile with Pascal Demurger (pictured), Director-General (CEO) of French mutual la MAIF

Other highlights from this edition:

  • CEO profile: Georgina Díaz Sánchez - Costa Rica’s SSVMN has a clear mission in life
  • Emerging risks: how to track them and how to respond
  • Realising the potential of the mutual leaders of tomorrow
  • Mutuality leads the way worldwide in funeral and burial services
  • Neuroscience and insurance: empowering people to behave differently
  • Global Reputation Report notes a welcome increase in visibility for the mutual sector
  • Stronger together: ICMIF and AMICE defend mutuals’ interests in Europe
  • Mutual microinsurance strategy is already making a difference

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