Introducing ICMIF

We are unique

ICMIF is the only global representative body of the cooperative and mutual insurance sector. It provides unique services and activities and delivers enduring value to its 198* members which cannot be found elsewhere.

We exist to serve our members

ICMIF is owned, governed and actively guided by its member organisations so, just like a good cooperative or mutual, it can gauge and respond to its members’ changing needs and expectations. We exist to help strengthen our members’ competitiveness by delivering unique market information, networking opportunities, leadership development programmes and global advocacy.

We have a strong team

Our team is mostly based at our head office near Manchester (UK) but we also have regional associations in the USA and Japan, where three members of the local teams provide local support and services tailored to the regions.

As you would expect, the ICMIF team includes many linguists, communications, personal development, HR, legal, actuarial, events, research, reinsurance, regulatory, finance, emerging market, sustainability and risk experts. 

Welcome to ICMIF brochure

The Welcome to ICMIF brochure aims to explain exactly how belonging to ICMIF and our key areas of strategy and focus: networking, business intelligence, leadership development and influence will create real value for your organisation. Please download the publication and then contact us for more information.

ICMIF Biennial Review

The ICMIF Biennial Review gives members an update on ICMIF’s activities over the last two years (the current edition covers 2017 to 2019).

For more information about ICMIF please contact Liz Green, Senior Vice-President, Membership Services.

*As of October 2019