Folksam will invest in a second Tech Talent programme after success of first round

Monday, 02 September 2019

According to ICMIF member Folksam (Sweden), the first round of its recent Tech Talent programme was a success and therefore the organisation is now investing in another round of the year-long introduction and development program. The Tech Talent programme aims to ensure growth and secure competence in building a modern financial company.

“The outcome of our first Folksam Tech Talent programme has been very successful. We are very pleased with the programme and the participants in the first round have developed a lot during the past year. They contribute to innovation and lead the way in our transformation journey towards modernizing and digitizing Folksam,” says Johan Rudén, CIO at Folksam.

This year's programme has had a clear focus on system development and aims to secure future specialist expertise in IT. The concept of reverse mentoring, in which participants act as mentors to senior executives within Folksam, has been appreciated and will be included in the new programme for year two.

“We are proud of renewed confidence and are really looking forward to continued collaboration on Folksam Tech Talent. We will file the programme schedule for the second round based on the feedback we received and ensure that the content of upcoming programmes will be great. In the first programme, among other things, we have had popular elements such as reverse mentoring and hackathons, and these are concepts that we will carry on,” says Elin Hölcke, CEO of Sigma Young Talent who worked with Folksam to create the Tech Talent programme.

After completing the programme, participants are offered employment within Folksam. Of the 16 participants in the first round of the Tech Talent programme, 14 chose to accept a position with the organisation.