Senior Executive Retreats

Product overview

Take a voyage of discovery by creating a Senior Executive Retreat for your executive and high performing teams. ICMIF's programmes are tailor-made courses which will meet your team's specific strategic learning objectives, taking participants into unfamiliar environments so that they can uncover fresh insights and strategies to take back to use at your organization. Our programmmes are also the ideal way to reward individual performance and celebrate team success.

ICMIF has years of experience working with mutuals and cooperatives from around the world, sharing the history and legacy of the mutual/cooperative model and helping teams go from strength to strength. ICMIF's Senior Executive Retreats are specifically designed to allow teams to maintain their focus on business activities, whilst also participating in some recreational team building events. Hosted primarily in Manchester, UK, ICMIF will work with you to design a memorable experience for your team that is highly enriching and enjoyed by all participants. Our Senior Executive Retreats are leadership development at its most rewarding.

Create your programme

Examples of what can be included in your Executive Retreat:

  • Learn about ICMIF and discover why mutuals and cooperatives are the fastest growing part of the global insurance sector.
  • Visit the Rochdale Co-operative Museum and discover the history and heritage of mutuality and the cooperative movement
  • Develop and deliver new business strategies in unfamiliar and inspiring settings.
  • Understand the psychology of strategic decision-making and what good team performance looks like.
  • Deepen your understanding of great governance and member engagement using mutual case studies.
  • Take part in outdoor team building exercises to build relationships and improve communication skills.
  • Reward and motivate your teams with a selection of enjoyable group activities, including, for example a round of golf or a visit to Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United FC.
  • Many other options are available and can be discussed with you.

Delivery and duration

These retreats are tailored to meet your specific team needs and therefore the course duration will be determined by your requirements. Our Leadership+ Team will design a programme in accordance with your requirements and the time you have available.

Target group

These programmes are designed for whole teams who desire the opportunity to experience mutuality in a global context and who want to build high performance and develop new strategies through greater team development and working relationships. These include teams of senior executives, board members and sales directors.

Hotel, transport and dining

Our experienced Leadership+ Team can take care of all your accommodation, transport and social/dining needs from the moment you arrive at the airport for one all-inclusive price.

Delivered in English

These programmes are normally delivered in English, although language interpretation services can be arranged beforehand.

Written materials can be made available in Spanish, French and Japanese.