Benenden Healthcare and Engage Mutual form new partnership

Monday, 14 February 2011

Benenden Healthcare and Engage Mutual, two of the UK’s leading mutuals, have announced the formation of a new partnership to help deliver and better develop the ‘Benenden Health Cash Plan’. The partnership represents a great example of mutual organisations joining together for each others benefit and this is just the latest example of two ICMIF members forming such an alliance. The new partnership also comes at a time when the UK Coalition Government is actively promoting mutual organisations as a model for the better delivery of public services.

CEO of Engage Mutual Andrew Haigh said “we are delighted that we will be working in partnership with Benenden Healthcare, and helping push the mutual agenda to the fore. Now, more than ever, people want to do business with organisations that understand their issues and put the customer first, which is what being a mutual is all about.”

Marc Bell, Marketing & Business Strategy Director at Benenden Healthcare went on to say: “We welcome a partnership with Engage Mutual enabling us to offer an improved cash plan product and deliver a better service to our members.” As part of the deal Engage Mutual will become the provider for the Benenden Health Cash Plan which covers around 30,000 lives and is expected to grow in 2011.