Benenden Healthcare Documentary Film launched at London Premiere

Friday, 06 January 2012

In early December 2011 the première of an exciting new documentary film ‘Ahead of its Time’ took place. This film showcases the history of Benenden Healthcare Society, a UK based ICMIF member.

'Ahead of its Time' takes a look at the origins of the Society. It was produced by independent filmmakers, Trafalgar Productions. This is a gripping documentary which reveals the story behind Charles Garland's first historic steps towards founding what was to become Benenden Healthcare Society.

The film is a compelling tale of how he made affordable, life-saving treatment available to co-workers with tuberculosis and this story is as relevant now as it was then and his ground-breaking model is still in use today. Garland's legacy and mutual model has continued to grow and develop into a modern health and wellbeing organisation with a membership of over 900,000 people.

You can learn more about this documentary by visiting Benenden Healthcare’s YouTube page where Society Secretary, René Fraioli, and Director, Barney Broom, talk about the film and its relevance to members today.

Many images in the film came from the Benenden Hospital museum in Kent. The former Chief Staff Nurse, Mervyn Quinlan, curates the museum and appears in the film when he was reunited with a former TB patient John Evans who is also interviewed in the film.

When discussing the film in the YouTube clip, René says “Members do get very wrapped up in and care about the society. This film will be of great interest to newer members also to be able to see how the Society has involved.”

“We are still very ethos driven and we still have strong values even in this day and age and so many people get actively involved in the Society and Members want to see the society continue to flourish” continued René.

Anyone is able to buy the film at reasonable cost via online stores Amazon or Ebay. Society Members can also obtain the film through their local Benenden Healthcare branch – there are 48 Society branches throughout the country and all will be promoting the film to Members.