Digital strategists, broadcasters and mutuals from around the world join the AMICE/ICMIF Communications Seminar speaker line-up

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) and the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (AMICE) have unveiled details of two of the keynote speakers for the AMICE/ICMIF Communications Seminar: Make your mutual message matter, which will take place in Dublin, Ireland on 19-21 June 2017.

The two keynote speakers are:

Alan Shortt, Media Skills, Ireland: The power of a story: How to tell irresistible and forceful stories that create a compelling image of the power and potential of digital marketing

Alan is a well-known Irish presenter, performer and producer. He is a regular contributor on RTE Radio/TV and BBC Ulster. An expert in communications, Alan delivers insightful advice on structuring your content to deliver powerful message, using stories and statistics to enhance your point and aligning your message to your audience needs.

Coman Fullard, Senior Digital Strategist, Continuum: You don’t need to be a large insurer, or to have a big budget to make an impact

Strategy, digital marketing, segmentation, positioning and pricing are the cornerstones of Coman’s professional expertise. He has driven growth in start-ups and blue-chip multinationals in local, European and global marketplaces. Coman has a diverse sectoral experience covering web-based businesses, consulting, franchising, property, renewable energy and medical devices and diagnostics.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from speakers and panelists from ICMIF and AMICE member organisations from around the world, including:

  • PPS (South Africa)
  • Seguros Unimed (Brazil)
  • Zenkyoren (Japan)
  • NFU Mutual (UK)
  • brightpeak financial: Part of Thrivent Financial (USA)

Thanks to the event host company IPB Insurance, delegates will enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a drinks reception in the world famous City Hall hosted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and then dinner at the award winning Fallon & Byrne restaurant

Places at this event are limited and will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis and therefore members are advised to register now to secure their place. Pricing to attend the event is EUR 350 for one registration from a member organisation and EUR 300 for subsequent registrations.

A special room rate has been negotiated at the Clayton Burlington Road Hotel where the event will take place. This special room rate for ICMIF and AMICE members will expire by 19 May 2017.

Members of ICMIF and/or AMICE who would like to participate in the agenda should contact: Liz Green, Senior Vice-President, Membership Services, ICMIF. For any other enquiries about the event please contact the Events Team at ICMIF.


Monday 19 June 2017




Walking tour of Dublin option for delegates


IPB host a drinks reception in City Hall with the Lord Mayor


Dinner hosted by IPB in Fallon & Byrne restaurant


Tuesday 20 June 2017


Welcome coffee and registration


Welcome and introduction


Keynote speaker presentation: The future landscape for digital communications/marketing


Session one: Managing digital feedback

Customers/members are able to express their views openly on social media. How can mutual and cooperative insurers handle positive and negative customer feedback on these networks and maintain their close and trusting relationship with customers/members.




Session two: Why the global reputation study matters to your national business – whatever the size!

In 2013 ICMIF published its first Global Reputation Report which retrospectively tracked digital content between November 2011-2012 to establish people’s perceptions, sentiments towards and conversations about cooperative/mutual/fraternal insurers and their competitors. ICMIF completed a follow-up audit in 2016 and will present the results as part of this session.

A panel including PPS (South Africa) & Seguros Unimed (Brazil) will discuss the key outcomes from the research in relation to their businesses and how they express their mutual points of difference.




Session three: Lost in translation? Helping stakeholders understand your message and take action!

Understanding the right language and behaviours in communication is crucial. Your communications plan includes multiple stakeholders, from varying demographics and socio-economic groupings. They all need influencing in different ways and this session looks at how our members are tackling these issues including:

  • Keynote speaker Alan Shortt, Media Skills, Ireland
  • Member case study: Zenkyoren, Japan
  • Member case study: brightpeak financial (part of Thrivent Financial)




Session four: Speak out!   The value of engaging on social issues

ICMIF will present its work in this area and members will explain how their communications strategies are benefiting from their involvement on societal debates.



Closing remarks



Dinner event hosted by AMICE and ICMIF at the Clayton Hotel


Wednesday 21 June 2017


Welcome coffee


Session five: Keynote presentation: Does size really matter? You don’t need to be a large insurer or have a big budget to make an impact with Coman Fullard, Senior Digital Strategist, Continuum, Ireland




So what next? What actions should be put in place by your organisation and your federation/association to create meaningful communications in the digital age?

Session chairs discuss the action points taken from their sessions and engage with delegates to agree actions for themselves, ICMIF and AMICE.


End of seminar


Optional activities