Five days left to save USD 100 with early-bird discount for ICMIF/Americas Annual Conference

Monday, 25 September 2017

The 25th ICMIF/Americas Annual Conference will take place from 29 November – 1 December 2017 in Montevideo, Uruguay. There are just five days left for ICMIF members to save USD 100 with the early-bird discount registration rate which is available until Friday 29 September 2017.


The theme of this year's conference, From Risk to Opportunity, is an ideal opportunity for board members and senior staff of ICMIF member organisations to learn about the successes and latest trends in the cooperative/mutual insurance industry. Click on the following link to visit the ICMIF/Americas Conference Web site at

The theme of this year's conference will focus on cooperative and mutual insurers’ core function of creating opportunities from risk in today’s uncertain, constantly evolving and competitive marketplace. Among the insights delegates will discover include risk-based supervision, strategic planning, excellence in customer service, cyber risks and opportunities, cooperative/mutual insurance model orientation for insurance supervisors, and global and regional regulatory trends. Delegates will also have a unique interactive session to explore your greatest challenges with the most experienced experts in the industry – ICMIF members from across the Americas and around the world.

With rapidly evolving social, economic and climatic changes, risks continue to proliferate and become more complex. While for many people the word “risk” has an increasingly negative connotation, seasoned insurance professionals understand that risk does not have to be negative. Insurers are in the unique business of creating opportunity from risk – not only opportunities for business growth but also opportunities to better serve policyholders, protect lives and livelihoods, and create a more resilient economy and society.

Opportunity is the other side of the risk coin. Risks can create opportunities for improvement that can make a company more efficient and provide a competitive edge. Today’s insurance operations and business models are evolving, driven by trends such as technology, disaggregation of the insurance value chain, new product opportunities and providing value-added services. Successful cooperative and mutual insurers have learned how to realistically assess and manage both sides of the risk and opportunity coin around fundamental strategic, financial, operational issues. The ICMIF/Americas conference agenda will examine how it is key for mutual and cooperative insurers to embrace both risk and opportunity, rather than fight them, to achieve greater competitive advantage.

The full agenda for the conference can be found here.

ICMIF members wishing to take advantage of the discounted early bird rate should click on the following link, and add the discount code EBD2017.

The venue for the conference is the Sheraton Montevideo Hotel, located in the fashionable residential areas of Punta Carretas, overlooking the serene La Plata River.

For more information please contact ICMIF/Americas staff at