Gérard Andreck elected Chairman of the French Insurance Association

Monday, 22 August 2011

In July this year it was announced that Gérard Andreck had become the new Chairman of the French Insurance Association (l’Association française de l’assurance – AFA). The French Insurance Association is comprised of the French Federation of Insurance Companies (la Fédération française des sociétés d’assurances - FFSA) and the French mutual insurance organisation, GEMA (Groupement des entreprises mutuelles d’assurances). GEMA is an ICMIF member representing mutual insurance companies in France. AFA was created in June of 2007 and aims to represent its members and the sector with one voice for the French insurance sector.

Gérard takes over from the previous Chairman Bernard Spitz who has now become the Vice-Chairman of AFA. Bernard is Chairman of the FFSA and the laws governing AFA dictate that the roles of chairman and vice-chairman are rotated every three years and held alternately by the chairmen of GEMA and the FFSA.

In June of this year it was also announced that Gérard has been re-elected Chairman of GEMA for another three year term. GEMA as one of ICMIF’s members represents the interests of their 47 member companies all of whom are mutual or cooperative insurance providers. In total their members have around 36,000 employees. Almost all member organisations are based in France with one exception of Ethias based in Belgium. GEMA’s members include La Maaf, Smacl and the Matmut Group.

Gérard joined La Macif, an ICMIF member, in 1969 and, having risen through the ranks there he became Chief Executive Officer in 1997 and then Chairman of the mutual group in 2006. He has a deep interest in the mutual and insurance sector. It was in 2008 that Gérard became President of GEMA and then re-elected to this role on June 28, 2011.

Gérard is also President of the Conseil des Entreprises, Employeurs et Groupements de l’Economie Sociale (CEGES), a role he took up on May 12, 2009. In October 2010, he was appointed to the Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental (CESE) in France.