Grupo Asegurador Rivadavia welcomes new General Manager

Friday, 09 September 2011

Earlier this year Jose Luis Varela Lopez left his post as General Manager at Grupo Asegurador Rivadavia, Argentina. At the same time the company saw the departure of the Sub General Manager, Jorge Martínez, who had chosen to take early retirement. Jose Luis has always been a strong supporter of ICMIF and attended many ICMIF events particularly the MORO conference.

A new General Manager Rosana Ibarrat was appointed and she has worked at Grupo Asegurador Rivadavia since 1984 and is a public accountant by profession. She has held various positions at the company including accountancy, taxation, management control and more recently organisation and systems.

The Board expressed their gratitude to the former General Manager, Jose Luis, and the Sub General Manager, Jorge Martínez, for their commitment and professionalism.

Grupo Asegurador Rivadavia is made up of Seguros Rivadavia and Mutual Rivadavia de Seguros del Transporte Público de Pasajeros (public transport passenger insurance).

Seguros Rivadavia is one of the 15 largest insurers in Argentina, being among the seven most important motor insurers in the market. With assets of 670 million USD and capital of 177 million USD it directly employs 608 staff and has more than 550 000 members.

Mutual Rivadavia deals solely in insurance policies for passengers of urban transport with a third of the market share, assets of 88 million USD and insuring more than 900 businesses.

The new Sub General Manager at Rivadavia is Eduardo Basile Cairo who has been with Rivadavia since 1989 working in various posts including, most recently, as Administration and Finance Manager.