ICMIF to host first ever Communications Leaders Forum Meeting

Thursday, 07 March 2013


Calling all ICMIF Communications, Marketing, Public Affairs, Market Research and Public Relations professionals!

Registration is now open for the first ever ICMIF Communications Leaders Forum (CLF) meeting, to be held in Manchester, UK, May 20-21, 2013. At this meeting we will be revealing the complete, never seen before, best practice market intelligence on the global reputation of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector. This information has been gathered as part of the Global Reputation Audit of the overall insurance sector which has been carried out by ICMIF’s project partner The Reputation Consultancy.

Only at the ICMIF CLF Meeting will you gain these 10 unique insights into:

  1. ICMIF’s groundbreaking Global Reputation Audit of the insurance sector
  2. The truth about the reputation of the global and regional insurance sectors
  3. What is really driving the cooperative and mutual sector’s reputation
  4. How to boost your organisation’s reputation
  5. What is best practice when measuring reputation
  6. What other ICMIF members are doing to manage their reputations
  7. What your organisation can learn from stock (plc) companies
  8. What stock companies could learn from our sector
  9. What collective action we can take to boost the success of our sector
  10. How ICMIF can add value to your marketing and communications strategy

Agenda now online

Speakers include:

  • ICMIF CEO, Shaun Tarbuck
  • ICMIF, Senior Vice President Communications, Liz Green
  • ICMIF, Vice President, Shared Intelligence, Faye Lageu
  • The Reputation Consultancy, Partners, Steve Leigh and Rachel Griffiths

ICMIF members are invited to register now for your complementary place.

By attending this event and gaining an understanding of the reputation of both the overall insurance sector and more specifically the cooperative and mutual sector you will be better equipped to increase your organisation’s competitive edge.

Join fellow communications professionals from ICMIF member organisations around the world to share best practice and help boost our sector’s reputation and long term success.

To view the recent webinars that set the context for this event and reveal the top line results of the Global Reputation Audit please click here.