ICMIF launches its first Video Log or “VLog” for Japanese Members

Monday, 18 February 2013

ICMIF has just launched another brand new communications initiative which it is hoped will further expand and improve on the sharing of information, experiences and best practices with our members in Japan. This new method of communications is the ICMIF Video Log or “Vlog” which will be sent out on a monthly basis to our Japanese members.

The Vlog will be compiled and recorded by Naohiro Tsukamoto, a representative from Zenrosai, the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives, Japan.

Naohiro is now in his second year of his secondment, based in ICMIF's Head Office in the UK. Naohiro’s role is to learn about international best practice, forthcoming events and industry insights and to share this knowledge with our Japanese members. In addition Naohiro is committed to sharing stories and updates from Japanese members with the wider ICMIF membership.

Naohiro says, “my mission this year is to deliver ICMIF's valuable information to Japanese members in the easiest, most user-friendly format available.“

This new VLog format is a first for ICMIF. It has been specially developed to offer a regular news update for members using audio, audio-visual and written communications. By offering a choice of ways for our members to engage with ICMIF messages, it is Naohiro’s hope that our Japanese members will gain even more value from their ICMIF membership.

The format of our new Vlog will ultimately be shaped by the response that comes in from our members in Japan. To begin with Naohiro will summarise some of the key news stories and reports recently posted on the ICMIF website each month and perhaps add some additional comment. It is hoped that that members will respond to the Vlog reports and tell Naohiro what adds value and what doesn't. The monthly Vlog will commence in March and will be recorded at ICMIF's own in-house studios. An introductory Vlog was sent to our Japanese members on Friday 15 February to explain the new communication and to ask members for their participation.

ICMIF currently translates its online news, blogs, magazines and key reports into Japanese. Naohiro and members of the Communications Team at ICMIF are keen to learn what value Japanese members are getting from this and would like to know what we can do to add more value to these communications.

The Vlog initiative comes soon after ICMIF's first Communications Leaders Forum Webinar. This was another “first” for ICMIF. The webinar was screened twice and the two one hour events took place on Thursday 24 January and examined the context and methodology behind a new Global Reputation Tracker project that the ICMIF Board committed USD 150k to following their September Board Meeting. The event is now available for download on www.icmif.org/webinars