ICMIF presents its first Young Leaders webinar: “Driving innovation to transform your business”

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

ICMIF's Young Leaders Forum will hosts its first webinar for millennial/Gen Y employees of member companies on Thursday 14 June at 3pm (BST/UK time). The title of this webinar will be "Driving innovation to transform your business” and will focus on how mutual/cooperative insurers are driving transformational innovation and engaging their millennial talent in this change.

The webinar will feature the unique perspectives of three young leaders from ICMIF members in Canada, Switzerland and the USA. Several case studies on successes and challenges will be shared in an effort to inspire fellow young professionals in how they can impact their respective organisations in terms of rethinking their approach to serving customers and building new capabilities, structures, and culture to drive innovation.

Following the success of the Young Leaders Programme at last year's ICMIF Biennial Conference in London, the ICMIF Young Leaders Forum has been working on how to create long-term value for the attendees in London and other younger employees at member companies. Ben Telfer, co-ordinator of ICMIF's Young Leader activities, commented "One thing we were very keen to incorporate into the Young Leaders Programme was that it was a continual learning process for the attendees, rather than just a one-off event. We want to keep these young leaders connected and engaged so that they can continue to get value from their attendance in London. These Young Leader webinars are an excellent opportunity for them to gain further knowledge about other ICMIF members' initiatives in engaging younger generations in their innovation and transformation processes".

Speakers at June's webinar are all members of ICMIF's Young Leaders Forum. They include Pierre-Alexandre Jalbert, Vice-President, Transformation, P&C, Desjardins Generail Insurance Group (Canada); Dominic Santschi, Product Manager, La Mobilière (Switzerland); and Patrick Boyd, Director, Enterprise Strategy and Business Development, Securian Financial Group (USA). The webinar will be moderated by Ellie Anderson, Senior Innovation Strategist, Thrivent Financial (USA) and Ben Telfer, Vice-President, Business Intelligence, ICMIF.

Ben added: "We hope to run a number of other webinars over the next few months, looking at the biggest issues and challenges facing mutual and cooperative insurers, and how the millennial perspective can add value to our members' strategic decision making, whilst also aiding the development of the next generation of talent"

The upcoming Young Leaders webinar is aimed at younger employees at ICMIF member companies (although all participants from ICMIF members are welcome to join). 

June 2018 update: Details on how to watch a recording of this webinar are available from Ben Telfer (ben@icmif.org).