ICMIF welcomes global delegates to Manchester for the ICMIF Advanced Management Course

Monday, 14 May 2018

Equipping your people with the latest insights and tools to make strategy happen in conditions of uncertainty and complexity: there has never been a more critical time for mutual and cooperative insurers ensure that their senior managers and executives are able to keep up with the fast-moving insurance industry. One of the ways that ICMIF members can do this is to send members of their teams to attend the ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC). The ICMIF AMC usually takes place at least twice a year and in diverse locations around the world to enable more ICMIF member companies to send delegates to take part in the course.

This week the ICMIF team have welcomed 14 participants from ten companies around the world to Manchester for the first AMC of 2018. The delegates will take part in a week’s learning at the Malmaison hotel with a visit to the ICMIF head office to learn more about the mutual model and its history before taking part in outdoor team building exercise.

Applying rational judgment and making effective decisions are increasingly important as insurance leaders seek to thrive in conditions of complexity where simple rules-based approaches are no longer enough. Those companies which wish to stay ahead nominate their experienced team leaders and managers to join an AMC event where they gain new insights and new approaches to decision-making and become enabled to tackle the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of a rapidly changing and connected environment.

Who attends?

  • This course is aimed at experienced managers and executives who are involved in leading teams and making complex, strategic decisions
  • The AMC provides extensive opportunity for those who attend to work with peers from around the globe

What does the course include?

  • Strategic decision-making practice in conditions of uncertainty and complexity with the unique AGILE insurance simulation
  • The opportunity to practise making strategy happen, with real-world behavioural challenges
  • A simple but powerful model that describes how, unprompted, people make decisions and judgements
  • A proven framework for improving strategic decision-making
  • Easy-to-use tools for addressing complex problems
  • Time to reflect and prepare to apply the learning in the workplace

People who attend the AMC learn how to:

  • Diagnose effectively in complex situations
  • Develop effective interventions to help transform their own behaviours, as well as those of their colleagues and clients
  • Lead by creating the right context and delivering support to unlock and reinforce desired behaviours
  • See the critical behavioural challenge through fresh eyes Furthermore, they will become part of a global network of mutual leaders who will continue to share their ideas and real-world solutions after the course.

The next ICMIF Advanced Management Course will take place 28 October-2 November 2018 in Singapore.

For more information on the AMC please contact Mike Ashurst