New Microinsurance Simulation Workshop takes place prior to ICMIF Biennial Conference

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

This year ICMIF launches a new Microinsurance Simulation Workshop on October, 24-25, immediately prior to the ICMIF Biennial Conference taking place from 26-28 October this year in Manchester, UK.

The workshop will provide insight and expertise on microinsurance and meet the informational needs of people considering establishing microinsurance companies. It will also be of value to the staff of existing microinsurance companies and other established insurance providers who are considering entering the microinsurance market as well as regulators & policy makers and microfinance consultants.

The October Microinsurance Workshop will be led by Denis Garand FCIA, FSA and John Wipf, both of whom are experienced facilitators and who will be on hand to deliver structured learning points that should be included in microinsurance management practice. Participants at the Workshop will work in teams to devise and execute strategies in parallel with microinsurance companies run by other teams participating in the Workshop.

Denis has many years’ experience working for a Canadian cooperative insurance provider and has, since 2001, been an advisor to developing cooperative insurers. Denis as an independent consultant, has been focusing on the Canadian group insurance industry and international microinsurance programs. Denis is recognised as the pre-eminent expert on disability insurance in Canada.

Internationally Denis has worked on all facets of microinsurance focusing on micro health insurance. Denis is a member of the Microinsurance Network Performance Indicator working group and a member of the ILO innovation facility steering committee.

John Wipf worked for a Canadian co-operative insurer from 1988-1997 in Group Actuarial and Corporate Actuarial departments. During that time he also undertook several assignments in the Philippines as Actuarial Advisor for a cooperative insurer there and was ICMIF Asia Regional Advisor.

Since 1997 John has resided in the Philippines and worked as an Actuarial Advisor on numerous microinsurance projects in Asia and Africa. He specializes in microinsurance product development and pricing, business planning, building financial and actuarial models, developing actuarial and administration software, and microinsurance operations training.

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