Report highlighting best practice case studies from mutual insurers around Europe now available for download

Friday, 14 July 2017

ICMIF’s European association, AMICE has launched a new collection of best practices collected from its member organisations across the region.

The publication Good practices vis-à-vis staff, member-policyholders and society comprises 33 case studies describing initiatives in a diverse range of areas including digital solutions, claims management and health initiatives. The best practices have been developed by various European mutuals for the benefit of their staff, member-policyholders and society.

These case studies are real life examples of where European mutuals are actively working to improve customer, employee and social conditions and experiences.

Sarah Goddard, Secretary General of AMICE, said:

“The European mutual sector continues to go from strength to strength, as customers – both personal and commercial – increasingly understand the benefits they derive from the mutual model. Both the vitality of European mutual insurers as evidenced in the continuing premium growth and the responsibility they demonstrate to their policyholders, staff and the wider community in a myriad of ways, are proof that the sector is thriving and increasingly relevant in today’s society.”


The European best practice culture is clearly paying off. Mutual and cooperative insurers wrote a record EUR 406 billion (USD 453.8 billion) in premiums in 2015 and claimed more than 31% of the total insurance market in Europe, according to ICMIF’s Market InSights 2015 Europe report.