Second global summit to take place for cooperatives and mutuals in Québec in 2014

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Following the success of last year's International Summit of Cooperatives, the second meeting of cooperative and mutual business leaders is set to take place in 2014.

The Desjardins Group and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) will co-host next year's event in Quebec City, Canada, from 6-9 October.

Described by leaders of both organisations as the "Davos" for cooperative and mutual enterprises, the event provides a forum for businesses to discuss challenges facing the sector.

Dame Pauline Green, President of the ICA, said: “The first International Summit of Cooperatives made an important contribution to the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade that was adopted at the close of the International Year of Cooperatives. We must build on the momentum, cohesion, confidence and enthusiasm generated by the Year. With the support of our partners, the second Summit will allow us to take stock of progress and drive the Blueprint agenda.”

Last year's Summit attracted 2,800 participants from 91 countries, which helped to facilitate networking and inter-cooperation. The event aspires to enable cooperative and mutual leaders to learn new ideas and techniques to improve the performance of their organisation; and organisers believe that the Summit will help to continue the momentum created by cooperators during the International Year of Cooperatives.

Monique F. Leroux, Chair of the Board, President and CEO of Desjardins Group added: “We must continue to build on the success of this first International Summit of Cooperatives. Our goal is to create a forum for decision-makers from the world's top cooperatives and mutuals to discuss complex issues. We want cooperative and mutual leaders to leave the Summit (in 2014) with a wealth of new ideas that will help boost the performance of their organizations.”

This year will see two other very important events for ICMIF members and cooperative and mutual leaders around the world. The ICMIF Biennial Conference (2013) will take place from 6-8 November in Cape Town, South Africa, and the Conference will be a global gathering of mutual and cooperative insurance leaders. For 2013, our Conference theme is ‘Lead… Innovate… Influence’. This Conference will allow mutual/cooperative insurance leaders to network with their peers; gain new insights and strategies; hear about business innovations and learn about ways to influence key stakeholders. The objectives of the ICMIF Conference will be to highlight and examine the leadership challenges, strategies and successes of our sector and to explore these topics within a unique international environment of cooperation and sharing. Register here for the ICMIF Conference.

The ICMIF Conference will be preceded by the ICA Global Conference and General Assembly. The ICA event will also take place in Cape Town and will run from 1-5 November. The ICMIF Welcome Reception, to be held on Tuesday 5 November, will be a joint event with the ICA Farewell Dinner to allow delegates from both federations to meet, exchange ideas, and to encourage cooperation among cooperatives and celebrate successes together. The evening will be called ‘A Celebration of Cooperation Dinner’ in recognition of the uniqueness of this event.