Solvency II Solutions - How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Asset Management

Friday, 04 May 2012

During the forthcoming Solvency II Solutions event for ICMIF members, Thursday, May 24, Invesco’s Chief Economist, Dr John Greenwood, will update delegates on his latest Economic Outlook and will expand on this to look at the potential impact on capital markets from Solvency II. This session will explore how these changes may impact the insurance sector, both from a credit and asset allocation perspective. It will also discuss issues and risks from an investment standpoint for the insurance sector as a result of these changes; and how the capital markets may respond. The speakers will give practical examples of how to manage all asset classes under the new Solvency II regime.

Speakers and panellists

  • Stefan Holzberger, A.M. Best (Chair)
  • Dr John Greenwood, Invesco
  • Fund Manager, Invesco TBC
  • Finnish mutual TBC
  • French Mutual TBC

Please note there will be no charge for this event but registration in advance of the event will be essential. Places at this event are limited and so we recommend that you register your attendance as soon as possible. An online registration form is available for you to register quickly and easily.