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Monday, 27 April 2020

Swedish ICMIF member Länsförsäkringar announced it has made an additional investment of SEK 540 million (USD 55 million) in socially-oriented bonds to mitigate the health and economic effects of Covid-19 in the Nordic countries and in Africa. In the past month, Länsförsäkringar has invested a total of SEK 1.2 billion (USD 120 million) in social bonds on behalf of customers, financing social projects in the Nordic countries, Europe, Africa and in several emerging countries.

In this, Länsförsäkringar’s third recent investment in social bonds, SEK 240 million (USD 25 million) has been invested in a bond issued by the Nordic Investment...

Monday, 27 April 2020

Caisse Mutuelle Laïque (CML, Lebanon) is working to ensure that its members turn to them for both insurance cover and practical support during the COVID-19 pandemic. CML’s members have 24/7 access to telephone consultations with a family doctor via the CML helpline. The mutual is also communicating clearly on its website about the coverage that it provides for COVID-19, including testing and medical costs of members who contract COVID-19 while undergoing other treatment.

CML is also trying to ensure that all age groups get the information they need: two separate PDFs – one for adults and one for children – explain what COVID-19 is...

Friday, 24 April 2020

The crisis triggered by the COVID 19 virus has led ICMIF member and cooperative insurer the Sancor Seguros Group (Argentina) to rethink its role in society and its own operations.

The changes implied a commitment from the top and a systematization of the initiatives, starting with the creation of a Crisis Committee made up of the company's heads of departments and Managers. The Committee, working 24/7 in compliance with the Government's decrees, identified risk areas within the organisation and communicated them to the employees with the appropriate measures to be taken.

"The focus of the whole business had to be...

Friday, 24 April 2020

In the Philippines, the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) or lockdown is in place until April 30 and ICMIF member MiMAP (RIMANSI) reports that a government announcement is expected sometime this week on the extension, modification or lifting of the ECQ.

The Microinsurance MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MiMAP) also known as RIMANSI was established in 2005 to help professionalize the management of mutual benefit associations (MBAs) and microinsurance services that provide affordable, comprehensive, and quality risk protection to low income populations in the Philippines.

Between 16 March and 10 April 2020, MiMAP...

Friday, 24 April 2020

ICMIF member, Professional Provident Society (PPS) based in South Africa, has set ZAR 50 million (USD 2.7 million) aside towards the fight against the coronavirus in their country.  Half of this funding will be used to purchase personal protective equipment (PPEs) for the safety of medical professionals in both public and private practice while they deliver critical services in the fight to save lives. The rest is reserved for deployment in response to additional needs that will arise as South Africa learns more about the pandemic, and observes learnings from around the world.

The PPEs include N-95 masks, surgical masks and...

Thursday, 23 April 2020

The first known case of coronavirus in Kenya was reported on the 13 March 2020. As of 19 April, ICMIF member CIC Insurance Group told us, there were 270 confirmed cases of corona virus infection with 14 fatalities and 67 recoveries. The coming months of April and May, CIC Group says, will be very critical for Kenya as it is the period when the real effects of the virus will be known.

CIC’s response to the pandemic

While generally epidemics and pandemics do not form part of the benefits covered under the medical cover hence being a standard exclusion, CIC says the health and wellbeing of their customers is important. Upon...

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Since mid-March of this year, when the COVID-19 virus was being recognised truly as a global pandemic, ICMIF, the global federation representing cooperative and mutual insurers, globally has been monitoring and collecting information on members’ responses to the outbreak. 

In total ICMIF members have given nearly USD 1 billion in support and assistance through various channels and initiatives to help their member policyholders, to support local communities and to give vital help to healthcare providers in their respective countries.

As of mid-April, ICMIF has logged more than 50 examples of what mutual and cooperative...

Monday, 20 April 2020

Italian ICMIF member Unipol Group has put in place a fourfold action plan to enable the group to deal with the ongoing health emergency and to continue to support member policyholders.

Business continuity

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Unipol Group launched a business continuity plan aimed at ensuring the continued provision of activities and service levels. The number of employees enabled to work from home was gradually increased over the first few weeks of the pandemic, beginning with the staff of the UniSalute Operations Centre, claims settlement and other call centres. In just three weeks, the operating model,...

Friday, 17 April 2020

According to Dutch ICMIF member Achmea, these unprecedented times that we are all experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic can actually reinforce the sense of togetherness and the willingness to do something for another. It has led to many great initiatives. Amongst these, Achmea has launched its Neighborhood Circle mobile app for the small, but important things that people can easily fit into their daily routine. A mobile app where supply and demand for 'small' requests for help within a neighborhood come together. The name in Dutch is Buurtkring.

Neighbourhood circle: it can be that simple!

The Buurtkring app is...

Friday, 17 April 2020

According to French ICMIF member Mutualité Française, all the mutual players in France are fully mobilized in the field to provide care, prevention and continuity of their activities for their members thanks to their 2,800 establishments across the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are just some of the initiatives carried out by the mutualist sector according to Mutualité Française:


Mutual healthcare institutions and services on the front line

Mutual hospitals and clinics that receive coronavirus patients have reorganised their services to cope with the situation. Some have opened units...