ICMIF Young Leaders Forum

The ICMIF Young Leaders Forum (YLF) is a network of young professionals (generally aged between 20 and 35 years old) at ICMIF member companies who have been identified by their seniors as strong candidates to become future leaders within their organisations. The Forum focuses on the professional and personal development of its members, as well as providing added value to discussions of the Intelligence Committee and its outputs to the wider ICMIF membership.

The main purpose of the YLF is to:

  • provide a learning and development opportunity by exposing its members to wider issues impacting the insurance industry, strategic discussions and mutuality on a global scale
  • allow members to network, learn from and collaborate with peers from other organizations around the world by sharing best practice
  • provide a chance to engage in strategic discussions with senior executives from other mutual and cooperative insurers at tailored ICMIF events
  • engage in research projects and produce thematic reports as part of ICMIF’s Business Intelligence activities
  • act as an advisory resource for the Intelligence Committee and help guide their discussion and outputs with a focus on the future generation.

The original eight members of the YLF first met in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November 2016 and the Forum was officially launched in April 2017. The YLF currently has 14 member representatives from ICMIF member companies:

  • Ismael Blasco, Customer Service Co-ordinator, Grupo Asegurador La Segunda (Argentina)
  • Amélie De Mévius, CRM Expert, P&V (Belgium)
  • Pierre-Alexandre Jalbert, Vice-President, Transformation, P&C, Desjardins General Insurance Group (Canada)
  • Dominique Nadeau, Strategic Client Manager, The Co-operators (Canada)
  • Katarina Vahl Bendixen, Strategy and Business Development Consultant, LB Group (Denmark)
  • Sara Schiffer, IT Specialist, DEVK (Germany)
  • Lorenzo Cordin, Digital & Open Innovation, Unipol (Italy)
  • Bas van Gerwen, Business Analyst, Achmea (Netherlands)
  • Phillippa Joll, Commercial Insurance Consultant Team Leader, FMG (New Zealand)
  • Jackelyn Ballena, Vice President for Operations - Life Division, 1CISP (Philippines)
  • Marisa Fetzer, Specialist Customer Communication Management, Swiss Mobiliar (Switzerland)
  • Toyin Alalade, Group Strategy Manager, Royal London (UK)
  • Patrick Boyd, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Development, Securian Financial (USA)
  • Ellie Anderson, Innovation Consultant, Thrivent Financial (USA)

The approved Terms of Reference of the Young Leaders Forum allows up to 16 members, who can serve for a maximum of a two-year term. Members are nominated by a member company (one representative per company) and approved by the Intelligence Committee.

For more information on the Young Leaders Forum, please contact Ben Telfer.

ICMIF Young Leaders Programme at the Biennial Conference

ICMIF will be running a second Young Leaders Programme at the 2019 ICMIF Biennial Conference in Auckland. This follows the success of the first Young Leaders Programme at the 2017 ICMIF Biennial Conference. More information on the Conference and the Young Leaders Programme for 2019 can be found here.