Global Reputation Report

The long-awaited report about the reputation of the global cooperative and mutual sector is now available for ICMIF members to download.

The 56 page Global Reputation Report examines people’s perceptions, sentiments towards and conversations about cooperative/mutual insurers and their competitors.

The report reveals that cooperative and mutual insurers enjoy a relatively consistent and positive reputation.

With global consistency, cooperative and mutual insurers are considered to have well-balanced financial, governance, environmental and social values and that the sector is associated with values associated with sharing profits, sustainability and the long-term.

There are however regional variations, with mutual insurers closely associated with sharing profits in developing economies, and associated with taking a long-term approach in the developed economies. Regional Reputation Reports will be issued to ICMIF members during the coming months.

As a result of this report ICMIF has shifted its strategy to address the issues of global awareness and messaging about the mutual business model. It has pledged to increase the global sector’s total digital content from 14.4 per cent to 20 per cent by 2020.

This report is available in English only, due to budgetary constraints and is available exclusively to ICMIF member organizations.