ICMIF Members Key Statistics 2010

In March 2012, an updated version of the ICMIF Members Key Statistics 2010 report was published, which included new members’ financial data that was not available at the time of the first publication and revised global insurance industry statistics from Swiss Re (Sigma) data.

The updated version of the report highlights how ICMIF members’ performance in 2010 was better than first thought. Members increased their premium income in 2010 by 5.3% (previously calculated at 3.4%), with a total market share of 5.66% (previously estimated at 5.56%).

Included in the report are a large number of tables showing at a glance the progress which the cooperative and mutual insurance sector is delivering and subsidiary charts include those showing growth figures, regional percentage growth as well as asset growth and the top twenty developed and developing organizations in the sector. Also available for members to download are the full supporting tables of data behind the figures highlighted in the report.

The Key Statistics report is an annual overview of ICMIF members’ collective financial performance.