Market InSights reports 2012

Updated research from ICMIF's Shared Intelligence department, based on the latest 2012 year-end financial data, shows how the mutual and cooperative sector continues to outperform the rest of the insurance market since the global financial crisis of 2007/08.

The Market InSights 2012 reports from ICMIF are a series of market-specific reports compiled using the latest data from ICMIF's Global Mutual Market Share research. The reports include a detailed analysis of the 5-year growth trends of mutual and cooperative insurance companies using financial data from 2007/08 to 2012.

The first series of Market InSights reports for 2011 were launched earlier this year, with country-specific reports on the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and France, and a regional market report on Europe.

The first report based on 2012 financial data focuses on Latin America. The regional report highlights how the market share of mutual and cooperative insurers increased from 9.4% in 2008 to 11.0% in 2012, with a 30% growth in mutual/cooperative premiums during this period.

The reports include year-on-year analysis of the premium growth of mutual and cooperative insurers since 2008, with comparison to the rest of the insurance sector. The reports also include data on growth by business line (life and non-life), asset growth with a definitive list of the largest mutual/cooperative insurers by premium income.

The 2011 editions of Global Mutual Market Shareand the Global 500reports are also available to download from the ICMIF website.