Strategic InSights reports: Trends in Online Business and Online Strategies

One of the most significant shifts in consumer behaviours in recent years has been the increased use of "online" sources for researching, transacting and post-sales service. Online presents the insurance industry, both life and general, with some important business opportunities, many of which have as yet been untapped.

In this InSights management paper, we look at how ICMIF members have been approaching the world of “online”, ask key questions that can help make informed decisions about online strategies, and consider the wider market trends that help identify future opportunities. Websites, mobile applications, price comparison websites (aggregators) and social networking are all covered.  

Strategic InSights are regular, short papers targeted at ICMIF members’ senior managers, each one tackling a current strategic management issue, identifying key considerations for managers, and including real-life case studies. Longer reports investigate the strategic issues that matter to our sector in greater depth. These reports are only made available to member organizations and their employees.