ICMIF members’ sustainability and CSR reports

Being a good corporate citizen - a choice or an obligation? Just ask the staff who want decent working conditions, consumers who want to know their money is being used in an ethical manner, suppliers wishing to deal with trustworthy firms, legislators keen to protect social wellbeing...

We believe that the cooperative/mutual insurance sector, as the provider of financial security and prosperity to communities and individuals, has an inherent responsibility to ensuring its actions, operations and impacts are acceptable to stakeholders, including the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, may provide a key competitive strategy and should be communicated as such. CSR reporting provides the link between making promises and keeping them. CSR is more than a public relations exercise; it is an opportunity to make clear the company's ethos and demonstrate how its values align to those of policyholders and society.

Within ICMIF, a number of members are conducting full CSR and/or sustainability reporting and examples can be downloaded by registered users.

ICMIF members, please let us know if you have produced a CSR/sustainability report which is not shown but that you would like to be included on this page.