Voice 72

Voice is ICMIF’s quarterly magazine, containing stories and news embracing the sector as well as in-depth interviews with chief executives.

From this issue:

For a cooperative such as Sancor Seguros, Sunchales is in any case a very appropriate place to be. The town has recently been declared the national Cooperative Capital of Argentina, and the spirit of cooperation pervades all aspects of the town’s economic and cultural life. The story began as far back as 1929, only three years after Argentina first had a national cooperative law in place, when thirty-two dairy farmers in Sunchales came together to establish their own milk cooperative. It was the usual story of hard work and struggle to ensure that they received a fair reward from buyers for their labours: together, they realised, they were much stronger than they had been individually. Extract from ‘The spirit of cooperation'

Also in this issue:

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  • ICMIF welcomes new members
  • The power of international relations
  • Affinity marketing at its best: South African member celebrates 70th anniversary
  • Mutual growth significantly outperforms the market
  • New microinsurance web site
  • Leadership in cooperatives
  • Jacques Forest - leading figure retires
  • Raúl Colombetti - the spirit of cooperation
  • Networking on claims
  • Cat modelling - the proverbial crystal ball
  • Putting customers at the heart of the business
  • MACIF campaigns against accidents in the home
  • Countdown to the UN International Year of Cooepratives
  • Reputation in a new era
  • New cooperative pioneers
  • Willis Re offer training places for ICMIF members

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