Voice 75

Voice is ICMIF’s quarterly magazine, containing stories and news embracing the sector as well as in-depth interviews with chief executives.

From this issue:

For CEO Jens Bærentsen, Alka’s values permeate all aspects of its work. He detects, he says, a real battle of ideas in the insurance industry between cooperatives and mutuals, who operate on the basis of a common pooling of deposits to help those who have accidents, and publicly listed insurers with their emphasis on profitability (and, all too often, on raising premiums). “To me it’s very important that we keep to our principles. We are driven by a focus on our customers, not the bottom line,” he says. Extract from ‘Danish cooperative insurer Alka aims for the simple life’

Highlights in this issue:

  • From one year to ten: building a cooperative decade.
  • Thrivent puts its faith in future growth: CEO interview with Brad Hewitt.
  • Mutuals have grown market share since the 2007 crash.
  • As others see us: international consultants turn their focus on cooperatives.
  • ICMIF gives the green light to Allnations growth strategy.
  • Learning from the new world: Zenrosai group visits US insurers.


Voice magazine delivers in-depth analysis of the people, organizations and issues that are shaping our global sector.