Voice 76

Voice is ICMIF’s quarterly magazine, containing stories and news embracing the sector as well as in-depth interviews with chief executives.

From this issue:

It’s also difficult to imagine someone better qualified to lead DEVK than its current CEO, Friedrich Gieseler, for railways run deep in his family. His father Willi worked in management for the German railway service and Mr Gieseler himself began working for the state railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) after completing his degree in business administration. Two years later, when he was 24, he switched from DB to DEVK, and since then his whole management career has been built entirely with the insurer. Extract from ‘DEVK reports growth’

Highlights in this issue:

  • ICMIF audits the sector’s reputation.
  • Tajy set to bloom in Paraguay.
  • The Capital Question.
  • Mutual and cooperative insurers outgrow the rest, according to new ICMIF data.
  • Women at the helm.


Voice magazine delivers in-depth analysis of the people, organizations and issues that are shaping our global sector.