Voice 78

Voice is ICMIF’s quarterly magazine, containing stories and news embracing the sector as well as in-depth interviews with chief executives.

From this issue:

“In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, there has been a clear shift by the general public around the world towards values-driven financial institutions. The fact that cooperative and mutual insurers’ function and purpose is to meet their policyholders’ needs is increasingly understood and is reflected in the sector’s very strong performance. Cooperatives and mutuals are using what I call the ‘mutual advantage’ very effectively in building customer trust and loyalty. However there is still more work to do. It is now our time to leverage our collective opportunity to educate financial and government institutions about our model. It is vital that we have access to the capital and legislation that we need to continue our sustained growth.”

Extract from ‘Anders Sundström is the new ICMIF Chair’

Highlights in this issue:

  • What are the challenges? CEOs share their insights in new ICMIF study
  • CEO profile: Hilde Vernaillen, P&V – Customers first: How P&V is building business success through putting its values into practice
  • CEO profile: Rafael Moliterno Neto, Seguros Unimed – Ear, nose, throat…and insurance: The medical consultant who heads Brazil’s cooperative insurer
  • ICMIF’s pioneering Global Reputation Report provides unique insights
  • Women in Leadership positions
  • A lasting legacy: ICMIF members ‘Make a Difference’ in South Africa

Voice magazine delivers in-depth analysis of the people, organizations and issues that are shaping our global sector.