Voice 80

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From this issue:

As Jens Henriksson knows, taking over the top management job at a company like Folksam brings with it quite an inheritance. Folksam, originally set up in 1908 and always a strongly socially-orientated business, has in recent years consolidated its position.  It has moved up from being the second life insurer in the country to the largest, while at the same time it has grown to become the third largest general insurer.  Put these together, Jens says, and that makes Folksam the largest insurance firm in the Swedish market. The company claims to insure one in two of every family home in Sweden and to protect every second person.  

Extract from CEO profile of Jens Henriksson: How to change good into better: Jens Henriksson takes charge at Folksam

Highlights in this issue:

  • Chair profile: Pierluigi Stefanini. Unipol: A story of integration and growth
  • Putting mutuality on the agenda at November’s G20 Summit
  • No longer the tortoise: Willis’s Rowan Douglas calls for insurers to step into the global spotlight
  • Young vs old: A long history of business resilience
  • The arrival of new capital: MORO hears how reinsurance is changing fast
  • Watch out for the ‘Grey’ Swans: The top 10 threats to insurers’ financial strength

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