Voice 81

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In many countries, insurance penetration especially for non-life cover is low, because of a lack of understanding of its real benefits. Far too may decision makers do not fully realize the public good that insurance brings as compared

to disaster preparedness or disaster risk reduction. Similarly, far too many people only consider buying insurance if it’s mandatory because they feel the premiums are too high, or they believe the payouts are not reliable.

While we are mindful that our ideal goal is to promote risk reduction and risk prevention, we have to include risk transfer as an option, since it is a form of action that can be taken, because it does not require changes in institutions or capacities. Also, while it does not reduce the scale of the disaster, it reduces the impact, particularly the economic impact. What we need to do however is to encourage insurance that also promotes risk reduction.

Extract from: Making the world a less risky place: The UN’s Margareta Wahlström is ready for the challenges of 2015

Highlights from this edition:

  • CEO profile: Kathy Bardswick - Wowing the customers: How to build a business that’s true to its cooperative principles
  • Part of the solution? What one of the world’s most influential economics commentators thinks of the cooperative and mutual insurance sector
  • Young and old: Part II New mutuals keep the business model alive
  • Celebrating ten years of collective reinsurance in Latin America
  • Setting the goals for ICMIF for the next four years
  • New growth opportunities for mutuals with smaller businesses, says PartnerRe


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