Voice 83

Voice is ICMIF’s quarterly magazine, containing stories and news embracing the sector as well as in-depth interviews with chief executives.

Highlights include :

“One of the challenges many businesses are faced with, including ours, is the trade-off between building a better business versus building a bigger business. For us, we think the balance of 50/50 is about right. While we’re not looking to compromise the quality of our products and services, at the same time we need to build scale.”

Extract from: Insuring New Zealand's countryside, the partnership way

Other highlights from this edition:

  • CEO profile: Jean-Louis Davet: Plotting the path ahead for France’s health mutual MGEN
  • ICMIF plays key role at UN risk reduction summit
  • McKinsey & Company’s Mike Pritula: My seven questions to challenge the insurance sector
  • The future is mutual in Scandinavia as Skandia becomes member-owned
  • Desjardins Group: Embracing technological change the cooperative way
  • What’s on the agenda for insurance at the OECD
  • Climate change: How insurers can benefit from embracing the challenges
  • Guest feature from Goldberg Segalla: Accessory overload: Wearable technology’s impact on the insurance industry

Voice magazine delivers in-depth analysis of the people, organizations and issues that are shaping our global sector.