ICMIF Resiliency Benchmark

The ICMIF Resiliency Benchmark builds on the work set out from the UNDRR and ICMIF partnership to embed disaster risk reduction (DRR) in mutual and cooperative insurance. ICMIF was present at the signing of the Sendai agreement, and, in 2019, signed a project charter to deliver a report From protection to prevention: The role of cooperative and mutual insurance in disaster risk reduction; a knowledge base of case studies the ICMIF Resillience Hub; and a third phase to create a benchmark of best practices from membership examples.

The time to create this benchmark is now. Since 2022, ICMIF has been working with members to develop the ICMIF Resiliency Benchmark Survey to gather case studies and data to benchmark members against themselves the seven mechanisms framework. During 2023, we will be looking for ICMIF members to join the programme and work towards benchmarking their own DRR activities. This is an exciting opportunity to review current business practices and engage with other ICMIF members and learn from their triumphs and best practice.

For more information and to register your interest please contact contact Liam Carter, Senior Vice-President, Sustainability, ICMIF.

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