UPCOMING WEBINAR: The future of insurance: Preparing today for the risks and opportunities of tomorrow

28 November 2018, 3pm – 4pm GMT/UK time

In this webinar, three strategic leaders from cooperative/mutual insurers will provide an insight to the changing world by looking at the emerging trends, external developments and new expectations that will impact their business decisions in the future. Learn about their current strategic positioning and approach to anticipating future trends, for the dual purpose of preventing and controlling emerging risks and developing competitive advantage by seizing new business opportunities. In these case studies, you will also hear how these ICMIF member organisations are building a new strategy that proactively addresses the future, preparing themselves today to ensure the strength and sustainability of their businesses in the long term.


  • Bill McKinney, Vice President, Strategy & Long Term Development, Thrivent (USA)
  • Liliana Cavatorta, Head of Reputational & Emerging Risks, Unipol (Italy)
  • Henk Vlessert, Corporate Strategist, Achmea (Netherlands)

For more information about this webinar and/or to register please contact Ben Telfer, Vice-President - Business Intelligence, ICMIF.