Enhancing the effectiveness of your cross-cultural collaboration

6 March 2019, 3pm GMT

One of the key priorities for the CEOs of ICMIF member organisations today is developing the necessary organisational agility for their businesses to thrive in a complex world. They are increasingly looking for networks of teams to who can work together and apply their diverse skills to evolving challenges and for leaders to inspire their colleagues to drive the organisation to fulfil its mission. This typically involves working across cultures, each with their own ways of working. However, just as fish don’t know they’re in water, people often find it difficult to see and recognise their own culture until they start comparing it with others.

This webinar will briefly look at the way people prefer to schedule, communicate, give feedback and make decisions, how these preferences arise from and define different cultures and the simple approaches, blending Erin Meyer's Culture Map with the models of behaviour used at ICMIF’s learning courses, that enhance the effectiveness of our cross-cultural collaboration. These insights, that make invisible cultures visible, can be applied to ourselves, our team, our organisation and also when working with other ICMIF members. This webinar will be of particular interest to people starting to develop cultural transformation in their organisation or beginning to manage across cultural boundaries at national, organisational or business unit level. It will also be useful for people attending international events or those who are involved in international boards, committees or teams. 


  • David Crowther, CEO Agile Performance, UK (and lead facilitator at ICMIF’s Advanced Management Course)
  • Mike Ashurst, Vice-President, Professional Development, ICMIF

For more information about this webinar and/or to request a link to watch the video recording, please contact Mike Ashurst, Vice-President - Professional Development, ICMIF.