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NFU Mutual – Driving with Confidence (UK)

Last update: 14 April 2021

Key facts

ICMIF member NFU Mutual (UK) is providing 1,000 car and light goods vehicle insurance customers with free two-hour personalised driving confidence sessions worth GBP 150 each. The sessions are delivered by advanced driving instructors from an organisation Drive Doctors and are tailored to the specific needs of the driver.


NFU Mutual has been successfully providing driving confidence sessions as part of its Young Drivers’ Scheme for seven years, helping over 3,000 young drivers. If the sessions are in demand from other driver groups, NFU Mutual will consider providing them to all car and van customer groups as an optional add-on service as part of its insurance product offering in the future.

In research conducted by NFU Mutual with 2,000 drivers in March 2021, nearly half (45%) said they would like to have a driving confidence session. The highest proportion (39%) went on to say they would most welcome training on how to use their vehicle in an emergency situation such as skidding on ice. A previous study by NFU Mutual during November 2020 also found that an astounding 42% of UK drivers have suffered a collision and 36% have had a near miss. Of these, over half (55%) said it has affected their confidence.”

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice
Hazards: Road Traffic Accident

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