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Founded in 1899, AM Best is the world’s largest credit rating agency specialising in the insurance industry and insurance-linked securities. Best’s Credit Ratings are an assessment of an insurer’s financial strength, creditworthiness and ability to honour obligations to policyholders worldwide.

We provide 3,600 ratings on companies of all segments and sizes in more than 100 countries, including over 450 mutual companies and more than 200 alternative risk transfer entities. Headquartered in the United States, the company has regional offices in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City.

AM Best rates policyholder-owned companies worldwide, including fraternal benefit societies, reciprocals, protection and indemnity clubs and not-for-profit insurers.

What we do

AM Best Rating Services assesses the creditworthiness of and/or reports on over 17,500 insurance companies worldwide. Our credit ratings are independent, indicative and interactive, and summarise our opinion on an insurance company’s ability to pay claims, debts and other financial obligations in a timely manner. Our commentary, research and analysis provide additional insight.

AM Best Information Services integrates credit ratings, commentary, research and analysis with insurance news, financial data and thought leadership. Our products and services include ratings & financial database & analysis systems, regulatory filings data and software; capital adequacy models; underwriting and loss control resources; and online and print news publications.

Our strengths

  • AM Best is the only global credit rating agency focused solely on insurance.
  • We are the key rating agency used by global broker security teams, and we provide the foremost rating coverage of global reinsurance.
  • We provide an independent, third-party assessment of balance sheet strength, operating performance, business profile and enterprise risk management.
  • Our analysis offers valuable insight into an organisation, its management and track record, and our interactive rating process serves as a roadmap for practicing sound risk management and effective business strategy.
  • Best’s Credit Rating Methodology (BCRM) is publicly shared and transparent, and our approach promotes credibility and acceptance for new market/business penetration.

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Contact one of our insurance ratings Market Development colleagues

Contact one of our insurance data Products & Services colleagues

  • EMEA & Asia Pacific: Bryan Martyn Director, Information Services (+44 20 7397 0292)
  • USA; BMU; CAN & CAR: Maryrose Paar Director – Business Development (+1 (908) 894-8039)

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