Reinsurance committee

The Reinsurance Committee is a sub-committee to the ICMIF Board of Directors, established to define and guide the reinsurance activities of ICMIF and to provide a framework to enable ICMIF members to co-operate in respect of reinsurance activities. Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying reinsurance issues that should be explored in order to exploit potential advantages/learning opportunities within the ICMIF membership;
  • Ensuring that regular global reinsurance meetings are organised (MOROs) so that they meet the needs of the ICMIF membership regarding location, theme and content;
  • Ensuring that any reinsurance arrangements established by ICMIF are functioning satisfactorily and that opportunities for new reinsurance arrangements are explored;
  • Ensuring that any requests for reinsurance assistance made to the Committee are reviewed and responded to appropriately.

Committee members

  • Greg Lockard, Shelter Re, USA (Chair)
  • Luis Pierrini, Triunfo Cooperativa de Seguros, Argentina
  • Piet Haers, QBE Re (Europe) Ltd Secura Branch, Belgium
  • Emily McHugh, Co-operators, Canada
  • Kimmo Heikkinen, LocalTapiola, Finland
  • Pierre Michel, Covéa, France
  • Christoph Lamby, R+V Re, Germany
  • Vivian Vourdoumpa, Syneteristiki, Greece
  • Tsuyoshi Kawagoe, Zenkyoren, Japan
  • Ewoud Bom, Achmea, Netherlands
  • Amilcar Córdoba, Seguros FEDPA, Panama
  • Tor Mellbye, Länsförsäkringar, Sweden
  • Andy Moxey, Ecclesiastical Insurance, United Kingdom
  • Nancy Farrell, American Ag, USA
  • Mondale Smith, EMC Re, USA
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